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Digital Marketing

DA-SA Integrated Solutions Development and Operations
Implementing the nation's only digital integrated marketing

In the current online advertising market, DA and SA ads are separate and separate,
and the marketing analysis of a single domain is limited.

Developments in media technology and advertising products have blurred the lines between DA and SA markets
creating a lot of identical media, and exposed DA and SA advertising, under the same marketing strategy.

To address these dual-differentiated digital marketing challenges
PlayD's key word know-how was combined in its Mable DA capacity to form a new DA-SA integration team.

It is now possible to advertise Naver search advertising in Mable!

Developed DA-SA integrated solution, developed multiplayer capable of displaying keywords,
and unified digital marketing channels.

By incorporating keyword workforce into the DA team, DA and SA campaigns are integrated,
which removes operational resources and enables quick response.

And all of this is operated as an integrated solution, IDM platform
and we can achieve synergy for each channel through integrated DA-SA integration service and integrated optimization.

Naver search advertising agency, please proceed in Mable!

Online One-Stop Service

  • Integrated digital proposal

    Integrated proposal

    Access and integration proposal for all media online
  • Integrated Digital Operations

    Integrated Operations Analysis

    Integrated operations and analysis
    based on integrated solutions
  • Integrated digital marketing

    Integrated optimization

    Maximize and optimize the potential
    between each media such as DA / SA

MABLE Technology Support

Efficient digital marketing support with step-by-step marketing solution

    • 1 Step Planning
    • 1-1. MABLE Index

      Based on past performance data
      Search for CTR, CPM, CPC Index index

      1-2. MABLE GRP Forecasting

      Estimate the arrival rate based on Reach and Frequency
    • 2 Step Managing
    • 2-1. MABLE

      The most basic delivery functions for running your ads
      Secure redundancy with separate backup server

      2-2. MABLE Survey

      Pre- and post-survey on brand awareness
    • 3 Step Reporting
    • 3-1. MABLE CTR Report

      Aggregation of user reaction effects on exposed DA

      3-2. MABLE GRP Report

      User reach and frequency aggregation for enforced impressions
    • 4 Step Tracking
    • 4-1. MABLE Tracking

      Analysis of the behavior pattern of the people in the event page

      4-2. Play Tracking

      Analyze user behavior on playing videos

      4-3. Duration Tracking

      Event (landing) page residence time analysis
: Index & GRP Forecasting
Maintain stable ad campaign based on its own AD server
Campaign DB Index
DB Search Media Ranking
  • - Efficiency index by sector, site, slot, product type (CTR,CPM,CPC,CPP)
  • - Search and Lanking enables scientific media proposals
GRP Forecasting
Media Mix Reach Verification
  • - Converting proposed media mix as impression to Reach for Audience
  • - Predict GRP closest to actual execution with Reach (%) and Frequency (times)
  • - Calculate each reach effect according to target (sex / age) condition according to purpose
  • - Eliminate the imaginary value of the Reach value by measuring the reach rate using the PC duplication utilization rate and the cookie deletion rate

MABLE Reach Curve

: MABLE Operating & Survey Solution
Provide forecasts that are closest to actual execution results based on the analysis of past execution data
Campaign Operating Solution
Stable operation, effective reporting
  • - Possible to operate stable not only by competitors but also by manpower which developed MABLE's own AD server
  • - Monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, and creative reporting

Transmission capability

  • - Transfer about 600 million lmps per day
  • - Transfer up to approximately 1 billion lmps

Data processing capability

  • - Adjust exposure in 5 minutes
  • - Update material per minute
  • - Aggregate DB by 30 min
  • - Deduplication Daily Report

system stability

  • - Multiple log server operations per server
  • - Daily backup system construction
  • - Physical separation backup system
  • - Transmission·Log server redundancy
Market Survey Service
Ad execution effect Quantitative / qualitative investigation
  • - Measuring changes in consumer attitudes toward advertisers before online advertising
  • 1 Step


  • 2 Step


  • 3 Step


  • 4 Step

    Awareness Assessment

1. Brand awareness
Initial awareness, non-assisted recognition, assisted recognition
2. Purchase behavior indicator
Purchase experience brand, frequency of purchase, place of purchase, etc.
3. Brand preference
Brand preference, future purchase intention, etc.

* For annual Campaigns, you can work in conjunction
external partners to fit your plan.

: MABLE Tracking Solution
Provide insight to improve campaign efficiency with accurate advertising effectiveness measurement
Measure Play Time and Duration Time for each area
Campaign Tracking Reporting
  • - Effective campaign management by measuring target page conversion rate by media, floor, and material
  • - Banner Impressions, Click Visitors, Pure Visitors, Duplicate Visitors, Non-Ad Visitors, etc.
  • - Tracking of various indicators possible
: Basic & Reach Report Solution
Extensive Reporting from Click, Imprs to GRP based on its own report solution
Campaign Basic Report
Campaign Overview, Tracking Ad Efficiency
  • - Provide basic information about media, floor, date, hourly impressions / clicks
  • - Convenient UI and Excel download function enables various analysis connection

MABLE Report Log-in

Campaign List

Daily Summary

Campaign Reach (GRP) Report
Measure deduplication for pure ad reach
  • - Pure aggregations that eliminate duplicates in total impressions and clicks, duplication within sites, and duplication across sites
  • - Extract Reach, Frequency, and GRP (TRP) effects actually reached for each target other than the main target